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Here is my new art (?

I don't submit art all days, only if I have time.

Some of my art is variated in the style of drawing/painting/etc. How I remember said, I'm learning here, so, I try.

Yes, I'm a creepypasta fan artist and creator. But that don't say I can not submit art of other things/fandom/type. 

Random Favourites

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And, this is the place of the amazing art!

My faves 'w'.



Quiryuz's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Hi, I'm Quiryuz!

One of the things I like to do most is draw, in digital or traditional form. I would also like to make 3D models, or learn how to use MMD as I have wanted for years.

Art status:

Ask me about point commissions by WizzDono Gifts are for friends only by WizzDono Art trades are open by WizzDono Requests are closed by WizzDono Ask me about collaborations by WizzDono I don't do ACEOs by WizzDono I don't do kiribans by WizzDono

Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz


The Judge
—No estoy segura de que ese sea el nombre del personaje en sí... Pero existe la herramienta de editar—.

Tengo el gusto de hablar español en esta descripción, algo que no hago muy de seguido pero si hago cuando la persona a quien va dirigido lo habla. 
El personaje en sí no tiene ambos ojos con esos colores, el otro es distinto pero decidí cerrarle el mismo con un guiño 'w'. Espero haber respetado lo demás del personaje, en especial el peinado y colores. He visto que a la creadora de éste le gusta mucho el estilo anime, así que me hice mas para ese lado aunque el sombreo es prácticamente el mismo al que siempre hago (vamos, solo hice la anatomía de anime :v).
Esta también va a ser una de las publicaciones donde no hablo de mi vida :meow:
Ahora tengo mucho tiempo libre, es gracioso por que no tengo ni qué dibujar.

Cambio de arte con lima480
Took me like 15 minutes xD and here is, remember, I'm not an expert in this.

"but that don't say you have to use the same image all the animation, Quiryuz!!"
In 2016 I have done a gif alike this, but she is blinking. For any reason I use this style of "Lizzie White" to this animations, is more easy to paint and draw than the original. Hey! 110 frames 'w'

Ok. I hope one day to animate sometime professional :) but this is i can do now.

Lizzie Drowned is a genderbend for fun.
Lizzie Drowned c) Quiryuz.
Program used: Piskel.

Sorry xD

Not funny, Slenderman
So... I have seen this before in the creepypasta tag, with another OC and I said "Why not?". Yes, is a style of base to put you OC and ship it with Slenderman (Eh... ok). I'd rather to do this, more like a meme or just a joke. That don't means I will to do an ugly art to make YOU laugh, I just wanna to broke the "ship" style with a simple side; childhood. Was used the "same" style of all of my actual drawings :) (Smile) . This Lizz is only a 11 years old girl.

Get lucky trying to get Lizzie xD

I was all the night doing this (I stop by four hours) and I don't sleep today either. Good for me, right?

Hey! I was submited one drawing yesterday too. Feels good :D (I don't promise to submit art all days, I need to rest sometimes of this).

Slenderman belongs to Victor-Surge 
Lizzie Drowned is a Genderbend for fun
Lizzie Drowned belongs medium to Quiryuz, a mi la guapa

OMG how the people who uses bases do the credits ;-;? That was like forever

I never use bases but this is an exception.

Look at this beautiful stair of text, right here.

"No more to say Quiryuz..."
Lizzie Drowned Toon Surprised
Finally I have more time to do my digital art.
Too lazy to submit this drawing in the date of creation, and I was searching about some characters to do fanarts the last week. Uhm... I'm thinking about submit the storys of my characters here, and next can explain some things about them. 
My art status isn't the same as all the last year. Yez, you can ask me about point comissions, art trades, and if you are my friend, gifts. Oh! And, feel free to give me ideas for request or just inspiration. Please if you write to me, do it in a note.

Idk, sometimes I just prefer to draw her in a White style, specially in simple drawing like this.

Don't read me I'm tired.

Lizzie Drowned is a Genderbend for fun.
Lizzie Drowned c) Quiryuz.
Edited with PTS and GiMP.
Thanks to Goku, I said, Giu-ko who takes the photo of the anatomy.
Happy easter day to all. I don't love this day, but I'm bored and this date gives me an idea.
Uhm... The Knitter looks more skinny than other drawings :/...
I will submit my digital art.

Art and character belongs to me, photo by Giu-ko and edited in GiMP
Jeff the killer
More traditional art. I'm practicing to draw the original Jeff, but as you see I draw the other one... Ok, surely one day I will to submit one of the original. I've done about 3 or 4 drawings per day, but I always forget to upload them here. I'm sure they would kill me for Spam if I upload them all, so I'll have to do it in time.

Art belongs to me, and this photo was taken by Giu-ko
Character Belongs to sesseur
Ticci-Toby and Light
Art trade! I have used traditional art, but if you like I can do a new version of this to digital Meow :3 

Hope you like!
Light belongs to LightSilvermoon5201
And Ticci-Toby belongs to Kastoway
The Crying Jester
Hi! Quiryuz here.
This night I'm not tired, or yes but I don't want to sleep. Today was a really bad day and I feel like I have to think about everything of my life, the people, what I do, how i speak... 
A few days ago I was in an Anime convention! Yes. That was awesome and I was very happy there 'w'. I had never been to a convention before :happybounce: .

About the drawing (hehe, is the description of it but I'm speaking about me xD) is a fan art to The Crying Jester, a creeypasta oc. She is a proxy of 37 years old what originally uses a mask. The style what I have used for this is the same of all of my drawings with the difference in the background, in this one I do a complete one.

I don't know and I don't care the time what this drawing took to me.

I have some traditional art to submit here :) 

The Crying Jester belongs to MisakiMimo 
Hope you like Poyo Kirbys !
Look at the fate. Your fate.
First, I have to explain the style of art what I have used in this one because is probably that style what I will to use for this type of art (creepypasta, horror, macabre, etc) my point isn't do the things cute here. this is based in anime and humans, yes. And, I have to recognize it: the anime is cute. The humans... Mhehh. I have used some traditional art rules for this, like the colors and some lines. This idea brings to me when I see some images, so, credits to the original idea (? Idk. 
Uhm... And I will to publish her story and surely draw her more, but The Knitter will appear more here (anyone remeber that monster of mine? hehe~). 
I'll do fan arts and art trades this week! Yes, my art-block isn't with me ¬¬ so I can draw. And do everything, sometimes I feel very sad, then I go to sleep. 
Lizzie is a genderbend for fun, but I have a story to her, so... She is a genderbend by the part of the appearence, no more than that. Oh! I will to explain the meaning of her file after publish the story too.

Bye, I will to go to sleep. 

I have to re-do my freaking bio...
Lizzie Drowned and Sanity
Long time no see... Again... 
Bueno, en esto voy a hablar español. Hice esto para mi amiga Fanaticanime01, la cual es también mi hermana de Deviantart 'w'. Ese es su personaje Sanity, junto con Lizzie Drowned... Le dibujé junto a ella por que, en sus dibujos también se mostraba junto a Lizz aunque la llamaba por mi nombre (Quiryuz se confundió un poquito así que tuvo que pensar bien a quien dibujar). Este tipo de dibujos me llevan mi tiempo, pero siento que valen la pena una vez que los termino... No se preocupen por el estilo de sombreado extraño, así acostumbro a hacerlo yo aveces. Creo que ese es el estilo en el que mas me gusta dibujar creepypastas. 

When Sanity se ve muy Insanity xD 

Pienso que el próximo creepypasta que dibujaré será... Sam 'u'.

¡Espero te guste mi dibujo Meow :3 !

Lizzie es un gerderbend por diversión.
Sanity pertenece a :iconfanaticanime01:

Sorry if you can't understand.
Just a... Fan art to Toby. I tried my "best" in this, adding my favorite shading style in the painting. I was thought about his story a days ago, so... Why not draw the character (:?
I don't know if the image size is okay.

Submiting that draw I remember this:
"Hello! I'm *Twitch* Toby. Nice to meet you! *crack* Say, what brings you to this side of the *twitch* woods?"

I don't care. 

Ticci-Toby belongs to Kastoway
Hi, I'm Quiryuz! Long time no see.

I'm working in some storys, and I don't have time to submit my art to Deviantart :c so, I will try to. This is a personal drawing of mine, in a strange creepy-anime version. 
Behing me are two symbols, Slenderman mark and, a Majora render. 

I will to submit a style of... Render? Yes, I will use this as a "sticker" for my ID.


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