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Here is my new art (?

I don't submit art all days, only if I have time.

Some of my art is variated in the style of drawing/painting/etc. I'm learning here, then I try.

Yes, I'm a creepypasta fan artist and creator.  

Random Favourites

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And, this is the place of the amazing art!

My faves 'w'.



Quiryuz's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Hi, I'm Quiryuz!

One of the things I like to do most is draw, in digital or traditional form. I wish I can do 3D models, now I'm studying how to use Blender and in the future, maybe submit some practices to my Scraps 'w'. I'm drawing all the day, and is I'm not drawing... I'll be writting or just nothing.

In this account I'm a Creepypasta artist! Personally I love the original characters of this fandom. I support all kind of characters as well.

My art style is based on human anatomy with some changes, but sometimes I use the anime style mixed with it. On the other hand, I know how to shade my drawings in many ways, but I prefer "my way".
Go to my gallery! Hope you like my style...

Art status

Point commissions are open by WizzDono Gifts are for friends only by WizzDono Art trades are open by WizzDono Requests are closed by WizzDono Ask me about collaborations by WizzDono I don't do ACEOs by WizzDono I don't do kiribans by WizzDono

Read this journal for more info! ↓

Comissions and Art trades info!~Hi, I'm Quiryuz!
I post this journal to have the info organized. Please read the rules before ask. The points I earn will be used simply for other commissions, although sometimes I like to donate points to people without reason, because they need them or just I like their art. Please, I want you to understand that the prices I will put will be what I believe just for my art and I do not want to argue about it.
This will be always updated, then, if I change sometime, that will be appear here.
Arrow left StatusArrow right 

Commissions are always open.
Art trades are open.
Request are sometimes open.

Gifts are for friends or just if I like a character.
I love collabs!! Usually I do collabs that are published by others, but you are free to ask me to do one 'w'.

Wut is an ACEO ;-;?
Comissions rules and info.

You're free to give me ideas for drawings as well, just note me or comment~

Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz


Quiryuz FNAFHS version by Quiryuz

Deviantart Bro! — :iconzatchhunter:

Deviantart Sis! — :iconfanaticanime01:

Twinkle in the darkness's mask. (commission) by KawaiiMoonWolf Twinkle in the darkness's mask. (commission) by KawaiiMoonWolf Twinkle in the darkness's mask. (commission) by KawaiiMoonWolf
Lizzie Drowned | Doodle by Quiryuz :thumb657385029: The Knitter Doodle by Quiryuz

The Judge by Quiryuz The Crying Jester by Quiryuz Iniz Heartless by Quiryuz Quiryuz by Quiryuz Uhm... She's Asleep... Well... by Quiryuz Gift - Lizzie Drowned by IamRanya Lizzie by AeyAlly

I do and like all type of art (either hate art without jokes ;-;), and I'll try to improve with each drawing i make. I just started drawing at 2016 with bases and pixel lines, and now is 2017 and i already feel I'm improving... And I think i couldn't do it without all of them as well. So, let's improve more!

Art Trade Lizzie Drowned by lima480 [C] Lizzie by Ilikepony Twinkle in the darkness Arttrade by BABZOOKA :COM: Twinkle in the darkness by Yam-Pao Enderman Quiryuz Y Creepeer Sanity by Fanaticanime01

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Nice to meet you.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


Long time ago, I asked her creator the permission to make this... But, being serious, I forgot it... xD Then, I tried to draw fairies but I couldn't D: and I practiced a lot for this (I drew a million times Ciela, from Phantom Hourglass). When i saw this fairy in 2016 on a Google search, i have used Umbra for some roleplays, as a style of fairy company of Lizzie drowned (don't judge me by my rps please~, judge me by my art). After it, I discover her creator was Luna and take a look of her gallery (wich is cute 'w'), and next i sent a note to her asking about doing this drawing.

I know is late but hope you like it as well. Don't added a background because i had no idea what to do for it.

Umbra belongs to ShadowMajoraDrowned
Art by me, Quiryuz.
Quiryuz the killer
Another "version" of me, Quiryuz. This represents "the killer" OCs mixed with me.
just using this """character""" for practice my painting style. I think I'm improving at painting, is the first time i detail lips :) (Smile) .
Her main phrase is "my anatomy sucks pls help me".

Don't take this as a character, is just a version of me inspired by Jeff tk and this will not be used for contests or jokes.
I'll never draw this character again xDxd
Quiryuz belongs to me, Quiryuz Meow :3 

Oh, let me explain why I couldn't submit my art here, but I submit it to Instagram. The computer i'm using isn't mine, and i can only use it "sometimes". In an Instagram post i published, i said i'll re-do some of my old art (specially "Lizzie Drowned and Dali", but i'm not sure about remake this one because i don't if her creator is ok with that. Plus, Dali's design changed a lot and in the original fan art i made her Jeff-the-killer-genderbend old design, then, surely i'll explain in the description of that drawing this and don't do ANY remake -sorry-). 

Delete me.
The Knitter
I've created this character a long time ago, but let me explain with this new description who he is after deleted his old reference. The Knitter is the unique known member of his specie, or maybe the unique of it.
I'll use some words  maybe you can't understand how to pronouns because belongs from Vashiahén, the language this specie uses (I'll write more about this language in the future)

It is a style of creation without gender, so it has no "intimate" parts. That is the reason why he does not wear clothes. It comes from its own species and has not been known more of this, which has its own language and customs. He likes to eat wool and threads, has ears about 15 centimeters high by 5 centimeters wide, a strangely round head with no hair anywhere on his body. It does not have so many notorious muscles, so it looks thin and fat at the same time. He has no lips and you can see part of his teeth, which is somewhat broken and dirty. Many times he enjoys eating meat from animals that he finds or kills, and he is quite territorial. It has a type of sewing needle in a large size, which is often mistaken for a knitting needle.

Uses to leave bites without form in the body of the human beings, but it does not eat any part of its body since the flavor of the meat of the humans dislikes to him very much. It only attacks all those who are in its territory, as people who have too many things of wool.
He measures about 80 centimeters in height considering his ears, and his way of walking is very strange because he has no toes on his feet. In his hands, he has only four fingers. His eyes are slightly outward, being large and of a strange color that may well be due to accumulated blood. He does not use his eyelids frequently, only if he needs to sleep. Her skin is weak and feels like you touch wet flesh. In this, you can notice some protruding veins and a grayish color when he takes shade. Like humans, it has a personality, unlike they are quite flexible and even a little awkward sometimes. He likes to make jokes that nobody understands if he gets someone to talk to. He has the brain in the chest, which is protected by only twelve thin ribs. The knitter has two hearts that are stored in his head just like other organs that he does not always use. His blood is red, and much of his inner body has a type of clear liquid near the skin. Once he eats something, digestion is not something fully developed in his body, so he vomit "the remains". No eyebrows but expressions. Uses both of his hands, and his skeleton is normal but in a smaller version, regardless of the round skull. His tongue is shorter than normal tongues, like it were cut.

His first victim was a 79 years old woman called Samantha that dedicated many years knitting before The Knitter killed her. She was mother of  Karmen and Throy. Throy decides to don't go his mother's funeral, but in the other side Karmen goes there and a few weeks later was killed as Samantha. Her son Connor disconver The Knitter one time he opened one of the old chests his grandmother saved for years. The Knitter was hidden there by two complete days, eating wool. Was too late for tell Karmen, since she was death before Connor visited her.

Name: The Knitter. Some people who believe in this monster called with that name him because an older knitter was her first victim.
Birthdate: He don't have one, and surely if you ask him he would answer his birthday is everyday, using expressions of course.
Species: Zapysike (ZAP - i - sik).
Language: Vashiahén.
Type of residence: Knitter really likes to live in abandoned places, with a big nature on his side. He don't eat any kind of plants or fruit, but he likes feel the freedom. He don't care about houses or as least a ceiling.
Left/right handed: Both, but he prefers left to use his weapon.
Personality with friends (no matter if they are animals or just people he protect): This monster is just weird. He always looks happy. Knitter respects friends a lot (and their wool as well), and he's always making jokes that nobody understand. 


Ella - HopefulEntertain
The Vigilante - FoolyCoolyDood


The Knitter belongs to me, Quiryuz.
I was tagged by HopefulEntertain
Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged 
-Write 13 things about yourself 
-Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
-Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged 
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-It is forbidden not to tag anyone.

1. I use Linux.
2. I do a lot of sketches all the day, but only one or two are published.
3. I play violin.
4. I hate my real name ;-;
5. The only ship I love isn't part of the creepypasta fandom.
6. I have a lot of free time, and if I say "I'm busy"... I'm just sleeping.
7. My tall is about 144 centimeters.
8. I don't watch anime all the time ._.
9. The "wall" what I name in some comments, is the wall of my room. So, yes, I put some fanarts and related there.
10. I study at home.
11. My toon style is based in the style of Zelda toons. I take this idea playing Spirit Tracks.
12. I use bases in some Wattpad covers, but not in my Deviantart page.
13. I love all kind of music! But, I don't love the music I don't like. xD.


 What Is the weirdest experience you've had with another Deviant? (Idk...)
I think that was when I meet Mr Chicha. That was weird to me xD

Who is your favorite Oc from any fandom, besides your own?
Oliver, created by cupcake, from the creepypasta fandom 'w'

How much time do you think you spend on DA a day?
Six hours stalking people, and... one or two of answers.

What is a weird phobia people may not know about you?
I have a phobia with the pink color.

What is your favorite picture from your own gallery?
I love this one
Look at the fate. Your fate. by Quiryuz

What is your favorite Animal?
I don't have one... Dogs I guess... Or a lion!!

What is your favorite cartoon character (Or fictional character)?
Toon Link or Tanya Degurechaff.

If were allowed to be in a Disney movie, which princess (Or prince) would you want to be and Why?
Rapunzel. Her original story is weird, but interesting.

What/who was your original inspiration for you to do art?
My dreams, tiny things of my life and my imagination.

What is one book you have never read?
I don't know, if i don't read the book, I don't know the title.

Day or night?
I prefer work at night, is very quiet :meow:

Do you have a lucky number and is there a reason?
My number is 3, and I have a lot of reasons to... 

What is your favorite food?
I don't have one.

My Questions:

1- How many OCs you have?
2- Favorite videogame?
3- Kind of music you like?
4- Long or short hair?
5- Do you think humans will cease to exist? When?
6- If you were a character based in your favorite color, what color is it?
7- Internet or real life?

8- You are in a forest and you found a house, that house has a door in the middle, right or left part? Or, the house don't has a door?
9- Do you support rule 63 in fictional characters?
10- What do you think about Rule 34 and NSFW?
11- You have personal drawings, stories, or something alike?
12- Do you are in Deviantart to be famous?
13- Do you like the badges Deviantart gives to the users?


This isn't an obligation :3


Uhm... Bye

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