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Here is my new art (?

I don't submit art all days, only if I have time.

Some of my art is variated in the style of drawing/painting/etc. How I remember said, I'm learning here, so, I try.

Yes, I'm a creepypasta fan artist and creator. But that don't say I can not submit art of other things/fandom/type. 

Random Favourites

And, this is the place of the amazing art!

My faves 'w'.




Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Hi, I'm Quiryuz!

Quiryuz (kiriuz) is my internet nickname. Please call with that name, or use Quiry :popcorn:
I usually draw creepypastas, with other varied art about character what I love or whatever.

I do digital art but some times I submited draw in paper. I'm not the best, but I'm learning :reading:
Oh! I don' take requests and I don't take comissions, maybe to do an Art Trade but maybe.
Possibly you can not see my art, but if you open the folders in my gallery, you can found my art there and see it. We can be friends! You can send me a note if you want to speak, or help or whatever, just note me or comment in some part of my Deviant.

I have four slaves! They are called as Killian, Lizzie Drowned, The knitter and the most recent, Twinkle in the darkness (adopted by me from Kanakirigoe). Everyone's free to use my characters for everything :highfive:

I call my characters "Slaves", don't feel bad if you see it, and you can use that nickname with your/mine characters :)

Remember! All images in my gallery are mine. So, don't forget to ask me before you use, edit, take or do whatever with one. Surely I will to say yeah if you ask!

Programs and pages what I use: "Mypaint", "Kolourpaint", "Paint tool SAI" (sometimes) and "GIMP". A page what I use to do my small gifs, is called "Piskel".

Free Visitor Maps at
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Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz Lizzie Drowned Icon [Remake] by Quiryuz

Wattpad: (En español, I will to create one to write in english or use the same in the two lenguages).

Actual art style(s):

Lizzie Drowned and Normal Lizzie by Quiryuz

A new cover 'w' by Quiryuz

Lizzie Drowned and Ben Drowned by Quiryuz

También hablo español Lizzie drowned icon by Quiryuz .



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A friendly hug with Ben and Lizz
Happy Valentine's day! The day of love and friendships 'w'. 
They are friends :).
Lizzie is a genderbend for fun!
Ben Drowned by Jadusable
Ben model by HipsterKiseKitty, adapted to white by me.
Lizz model by me.
I put "1901" in my born date... Sorry for the mistake!! I will to try change it now.

Homicidal Liu
Yup, a real draw. Sorry for long hair, probably I agree to call it genderbend without boobs...
In this draw I'm using the version of Liu derivated from Jeff the killer 2011 fan version, in some anime style. I change the place of the scars, and the clothes too.
I'm practicing anime 'w'.

Character by VampireNote13.

Eyeless Jack Kisekae Model
I'm practicing, in the future I will to do a second version of this model (I think yes). I will to submit my creepypasta models one per one, feel free to ask for codes or something.
I don't found a Scalpel, so, I don't add it to the model but you are free to add one. 
I'm thinking about open request/comissions...
Practicing anime style
Just a random simple character. I'm practicing this, I don't draw anime, don't see anime and only sometimes read mangas. 
Creepypasta Group
Mhm... Yup. Long time no see :). Sorry. 
This is kisekae, some models are mine but others aren't (and, I edit some parts). And, as you see I use characters what the fandom sometimes hate... Plz don't kill me! Is only art. 
(if you don't found the laughings, they are small dolls 'w'). I don't like the anime form in creepypastas, so I try to don't use a lot of that style (kisekae is anime dolls XD). I will to submit original draws, I onlt need time.
Maybe to don't do anything for Valentine's day. All do art about it, isn't necessary. 
I want to add Eyeless Jack too! But I can't :(


Jane the killer model by Quiryuz. Character by MrAngryDog.
Homicidal Liu model by Ticci-Illy-Rogers. Character by VampireNote13
Nina the killer model by Quiryuz. Character by Alegotica12.
Jeff the killer model by PineTree-Adopts. Character by fan story made.
Jana Millareme model by Quiryuz. Character by Scourge183.
Laughinf Jill model by Ticci-Illy-Rogers. Character by SabrinaNightmaren.
Laughing Jack model by Ticci-Illy-Rogers. Character by Snuffbomb.
Ben Drowned model by HipsterKiseKitty. Character by Jadusable.
Lizzie Drowned model by Quiryuz. Character... Es un personaje que vuela, es un genderbend :).

Kisekae, edited with GIMP. 

Remember, I said I edit the models a few. I feel I do all credits, so... Goodbye (?

Feel free Meow :3 
A new cover 'w'
I will to write a story with my character.
I use the same vector what I have used in her bio. 
Background by Tim Laman, founded in Google and edited in GIMP.
Lizzie Drowned White Version In Kisekae
Yup! Is the 2017 model to the white form/version of Lizzie Drowned. Hey! I'm thinking about... Write storys. Yup, yup! En español, claro. Nunca escribo historias, solo tipos de libros randoms además de un fan fic que tengo. Estoy pensando en hacerlo con Twinkle in the darkness, al menos a uno... Y luego, claro, con otros personajes. Mientras tanto, seguiré dibujando. 
Oh! I will to share my others Kiseake models... Maybe!? I will to do some art trades (I'm asking to others what I have in a list) so, my drawings will be variated. I'm waiting for the valentines day, as you probably know, I have not a life (hehe) so, I will to draw something special for that day. I only need some couples and time.

Lizzie is a genderbend for fun!

*Nothing here*. 
Kisekae Lizzie Drowned's model: 2017 version
I have done a bad model of Lizzie Drowned in kisekae. But, nowI think this is better than the other... And I have a white version too.
Lizzie Drowned and Normal Lizzie
Yup 'w'. I finish it... Yes! Normal Lizzie has a triforce snapback, a green shirt and black pants...
You know how is Lizzie Drowned, so... Nothing to say.

Remember, Lizzie is a genderbend for fun!
Solo quiero aprovechar este espacio para hablar español :). Lol.


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